Words can make your baby smarter

ThriveFul is the easiest way to become a better parent, by scheduling more frequent and diverse interactions with your baby



  • Every $1 invested in high-quality early childhood education saves taxpayers at least $7 in social costs later. That investment also increases economic and educational outcomes for children. High-quality early childhood education is central to closing the achievement gap. The achievement gap is the difference in academic skills (such as math and literacy) between socioeconomic groups.

    Ascend. The Aspen Institute ascend.aspeninstitute.org
  • A robust body of research has confirmed what parents have always known by instinct: that magic in everyday moments - showing affection, comforting, and playing with children - helps build strong healthy brains. The first three years of a child’s life are uniquely important because this is the most sensitive period for brain development. A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three—producing 700 new neural connections every second.

    Zero to Three: Building Connections of a Lifetime zerotothree.org
  • "A study by researchers Betty Hart and Todd Risley in 1995 found that some children heard thirty million fewer words by their 4th birthdays than others. The children who heard more words were better prepared when they entered school. These same kids, when followed into third grade, had bigger vocabularies, were stronger readers, and got higher test scores.  Every parent has the words, the language, the nurturance necessary to build their baby's brain."

    Thirty Million Words Initiative, Dr. Dana Suskind thirtymillionwords.org


The idea of ThriveFul – an app that is able to track the number of words you speak to your child and motivate you to find time to interact with them more often – is made possible by research and new technologies.

Watch our CEO Dr. Lamont Tang explaining how the idea of ThriveFul was born and why he thinks it can help parents to make their children thrive intellectually and socially.



Explanation of what does THRIVE mean in the name

Explanation why FUL is in the name



Thrive uses Natural Language Processing and Learning Algorithm to deliver you the most personalised tips on parenting.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Track the amount of words you speak to your child every day

  • Development screening reports

    Download personalised development report with expert recommendations based on your data

  • Database of activities

    Discovert the best educational activities

  • Friendly reminders

    Schedule in reminders for interactions with the baby on busy days

  • Share responsibilities

    Add your partner, grandparents, aunties to to track what you can all do better for the baby

  • Meet parents and experts

    Join a community of users who have expertise and experience with parenting


The idea behind the design of ThriveFul application was to make it as fun and easy to use as possible. We do not want it to be just another application on your device, but an active part of your daily life as a parent and a backlog of your interactions with your baby.




Become the first user of our ThriveFul app and schedule an complete an interview and usability testing with one of our team members.

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