Fitbit for Baby Development

A Science-based Mobile Tool For Mindful Parents

We know more than ever about baby development

A baby brain can form up to 700 new neural connections per second during the critical developmental period between the year 0-3. What you do as a parent in this period, will impact your baby’s future long into adult life.

The most powerful tool to help the baby grow is… Language

The number of words the child hears in its early years will determine their academic success and IQ later in life. Yet, there is no way for young parents to know how many words they are speaking to the baby – and whether it is enough.

But what can we do about it?

We created a mobile tool in collaboration with parents which uses Natural Language Processing to track the number of words you speak to the baby every day and suggest you personalised tips and insights into the baby’s unique developmental trajectory.

Discover Thriveful Application

Thriveful is like a personal baby specialist and a fitbit for cognition- right at your fingertips, available any time of the day and always willing to provide you more information about your little one’s progress.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Track the number of words you speak to your child every day

  • Development screening reports

    Receive regular reports about your baby’s developmental progress

  • Database of activities

    Get personalised suggestions of educational activities and books

  • Friendly reminders

    Get daily reminders to spend quality time with your baby

  • Share responsibilities

    Form a team with your partner or a nanny to help your baby grow together

  • Get advice you need

    Join our online community of parents and experts to learn more

Be the first to try it

Thriveful mobile application is now almost finalised and we would like to invite you to join our Beta testing study which will be conducted in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the Summer 2017. Join us to be the first to try Thriveful and get insights into your baby’s development!