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A Science-based Mobile Tool For Personalised Parenting

We know more than ever about baby development

Did you know that your baby’s brain grows 85% before they are 3 years old?

In this critical period, their brains can form up to 700 new neural connections every second. This allows them to absorb new information like a sponge and reach developmental milestones almost every week!

But every baby is unique and there is no one-fits-all solution to raise a happy and smart child. That’s why what you do as a parent in this period matters the most for their future potential.

Words are the most important first step

20 years worth of research found that the number of words the baby hears in their early years is directly related to their IQ and future academic success.

But how can you know how many words you are speaking to your baby – and whether it is enough?

Meet Thriveful

Thriveful exists to help you monitor and analyse the most important indicator of your baby’s early development – their language environment. It also gives you the right tips and ideas just when you need them – because no parent is born perfect.

Find Your Unique Parenting Style

Thriveful is like a personal baby specialist and a fitbit for cognition- right at your fingertips, available any time of the day and always willing to provide you more information about your little one’s progress.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Track the number of words you speak to your child every day

  • Baby Growth Profile

    Receive regular reports about your baby’s developmental progress

  • Educational activities

    Get personalised suggestions of educational activities and books

  • Friendly reminders

    Get daily reminders to spend quality time with your baby

  • Share responsibilities

    Form a team with your partner or a nanny to help your baby grow together

  • Get advice you need

    Join our online community of parents and experts to learn more

Community Impact

Thriveful is on a bigger mission to help increase investment in and access to early childhood education all around the world. We want to make our tool available for passionate educators, storytellers, NGOs and community leaders to help them quantify the impact they have on child development and become more transparent for donors and collaborators. If you are interested in using our word-tracker for education purposes, please contact us here. 

Get Thriveful

Be the first to try our application by participating in the exclusive research study conducted with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, one of the best universities in Asia.

Through the study you will:

  • Find out how many words you speak to your baby every day
  • Receive 2 free, cognitive assessments for your baby
  • Get daily tips and activity ideas from child specialists and educators

If you’re interested in becoming a participant, leave us your email and we will enrol you into the study!